Arup’s Foresight team identifies and monitors the trends and issues likely to have a significant impact upon the built environment and society at large.

We research and raise awareness about the major challenges affecting the built environment and their implications. We also run events to help clients think more creatively about the long term future, and to manage risk and uncertainty more effectively.

We engage in three core areas of activity:

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We "learn by doing" and are continually carrying out research and creating prototypes. We use emerging ideas, concepts and technologies so that we are in a better position to inspire and inform.



We design, organise and deliver sector-based workshops and events to help a broad range of clients think about the medium to long-term drivers that could have an impact upon their business environment. We also network with leading thinkers and practitioners from around the world, both in the built environment and within other industry sectors and academic disciplines.



We research and publish reports, articles, papers and educational materials. We also give talks, produce short films and curate exhibitions that communicate ideas relating to the drivers shaping the future context of our business and that of our global client base.