We are a multi-disciplinary team of researchers, scientists, academics, strategists and consultants.


Dr Chris Luebkeman

Director for Global Foresight + Research + Innovation

Background: Geology, structural engineering, architecture

Currently: Public speaker, global strategist, lecturer on the future, sustainability and innovation

Interests: Global implementation of foresight by design


Dr Simon Roberts

Associate Director

Background: Physics, manufacturing industry and teaching

Currently: Specialist on energy and sustainable practice

Interests: Macro-level systems thinking and “4see” modelling

Alvise Simondetti

Alvise Simondetti


Background: Architecture

Currently: Leader of Arup Virtual Design Network

Interests: Development of interactive environments and Realtime 2.0


Dr Jennifer Greitschus


Background: Art history, German, Politics

Currently: Curator of Phase 2 exhibitions and editor-in-chief of Drivers of Change

Interests: Arts and culture and how they feed into other disciplines


Karin Giefer

Senior Sustainability Consultant

Background: Architecture

Currently: Sustainability consultant and facilitator

Interests: Sustainable transport planning, Design 2050

Francesca Birks

Francesca Birks

Senior Foresight and Sustainability Consultant

Background: Media and planning

Currently: Strategic planner, facilitator, analyst, marketer

Interests: Social innovation, stakeholder engagement

Marcus Morrell

Marcus Morrell

Senior Foresight Analyst

Background: Humanities, international business, finance and media

Currently: Workshop designer, facilitator, scenario planner, strategist and analyst

Interests: Strategy, innovation, sustainability, systems thinking, stakeholder engagement


Josef Hargrave

Senior Foresight Consultant

Background: Corporate foresight and innovation management

Currently: Senior Foresight Consultant

Interests: Mobility, retail, hospitality, workplace design, smart cities

Lynne Goulding

Lynne Goulding


Background: Urban design
Currently: Foresight + Research + Innovation Analyst in London
Interests: Cities, urban design, mobility, Africa