This set describes drivers associated with climate change that could make the world of the next few decades very different to that of today.

It includes the potential impacts of climate change as well as possible solutions, as examined across the societal, technological, economic, environmental and political domains known as the STEEP framework. Each carefully designed card depicts a single driver.

The set was devised by the Foresight, Innovation and Incubation team at Arup, a group tasked with exploring emerging trends and how they impact upon the business of Arup and its clients. The cards include powerful images contributed by photographers from all over the world who are affiliated to The result is a vibrant visual record of research, which can also be used as a tool for discussion groups, personal prompts, for workshop events or as a “thought for the week”.

mega droughts

mega droughts Front
mega droughts Back

climate modelling

climate modelling Front
climate modelling Back

mitigation vs adaptation

mitigation vs adaptation Front
mitigation vs adaptation Back

the big thaw

the big thaw Front
the big thaw Back

international cooperation

international cooperation Front
international cooperation Back