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    Future of Retail

    What influencing factors are shaping the future of retail? What role will physical stores play in a future dominated by […]

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    Campus of the Future

    What changes will influence how we work in the future?
    What will the future workplace look and feel like? The report covers four thematic areas which we believe will prove instrumental in shaping the future of higher education.

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    Arup at Gwangju Design Biennale 2011

    Arup was amongst 130 architects, artists and designers from 44 countries invited to show at this year’s Gwangju Design Biennale.

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    TEDGlobal Report

    In July 2011 a small group from Arup participated in a variety of activities with the TED community. Here are some thoughts on why Arup develops this relationship and some observations on the event in 2011.

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    Drivers of Change in TESTIFY!

    Drivers of Change was one of the twenty projects selected for publication in ‘TESTIFY! The Consequences of Architecture’. Published by the Netherlands Architecture Institute, the book focuses on projects that demonstrate ‘successful architecture’.

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    Living Workplace

    The Living Workplace report highlights Foresight opinion on the future of the workplace. It summarises some of the key Drivers of Change and gives examples of workplace environments that are leading the way in innovative design and use of space.

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    All Change

    The latest edition of Arup’s publication A2 is themed “Getting More With Less”. Foresight helped put together some searching questions that Arup put to UK-based experts and leaders in five industry sectors.

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    Are we there yet graphic

    Closing the green gap: Are we there yet?

    The last decade has seen the Australian property sector make truly impressive green strides from a
    standing start, through a stodgy field of political and regulatory indifference. So ‘what next’?

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    Great communications?

    What makes great messaging? Our assessment of ‘great’ varies with generation, culture, gender and personality, and it is always relative to what we know. Here is a small scattering of ‘great communications’ as proposed by individual members of the Foresight team…