VERGE conference @ Greenbuild



Chris Luebkeman at VERGE

Chris Luebkeman was invited to lead a Drivers of Change keynote and workshop at the annual VERGE conference in San Francisco. The conference, attended by over 200 people and webcast to a global audience, is an opportunity for vanguard designers, entrepreneurs, and public officials to converge and collectively discuss radical and innovative change in the built environment. Threads such as energy, buildings, transportation, and technology tie each session of the conference together.


Watch the video Chris Luebkeman: Drivers of Change

“It was magic…people are craving ways to connect the dots, to get outside of their comfort zones, to see what others are seeing. And in so doing, to connect the stories they’re telling with the larger story — for themselves, their communities, their companies and their future. It was exactly what we hoped would happen: a convergence of technologies, yes, but of visions, passions and skill sets. That’s exactly what we need to accelerate change at the speed and scale required.” – Joel Makower, chairman of GreenBiz Group, Inc.

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