Since 2002 we have been running workshops, presenting ideas and listening to what people describe as drivers of change in the built environment. We thrive on the opportunity to share and discuss our work. There are many ways to connect with us. Subscribe to this site’s feed. Join our mailing list. Follow us on Twitter. Watch and share our videos on Vimeo. Follow our 2050 database on Pinboard.

Our blogs

Members of our team blog about design, innovation and foresight from all around the world

  • FII Blog – Arup Foresight, Innovation + Incubation team blog
  • Future frequency by Chris Luebkeman – a global look at Foresight activities from San Francisco
  • Emtech primer by Duncan Wilson – also @djdunc / twitter – a view from London on foresight + internet of things research
  • Global village by Francesca Birks – also @francescabirks / twitter – insight from New York on design,  social trends and foresight activities
  • the sceptical futuryst by Stuart Candy – also @futuryst / twitter – views from San Francisco on design, foresight and experiential futures
  • Podcasts – Collected interviews, talks and presentations featuring our team

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Research collaborators

Our “learn by doing” approach typically involves undertaking research projects with external collaborators. Some simple ways in which we encourage you to collaborate with us are through commenting on our work on this site and sharing your related work with us. For example, each of the 200+ Drivers of Change cards has its own web page.  We would love to hear your thoughts on those issues and their implications for the built environment. Alternatively if you have ideas for EU, NSF or other funded research projects then get in touch.

Teachers & facilitators

Our mantra is “Foresight by Design”. We have developed frameworks and design approaches to help simplify the process of thinking about the Drivers of Change that will have an impact upon the world around us. Our aim is to put the tools and resources that we have created into your hands.


If you are interested in interning with us then drop us a note. We are particularly interested in students who are looking to gain experience in telling stories about the future. In the past we have really enjoyed working with interns with skills in research synthesis, writing, graphic design, info vis, web development etc.