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2006 Peace Prize Concert

wow. what an evening! can anyone think of any better way to change the world than to work on erradicating poverty?

more to come

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Clarion Hotel. Stockholm.

great city.

ok location

mediocre service.

mediocre rooms.

go back?

only if no other options are available.

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CISCO Public Services Summitt. 2006

what a great event.

CISCO is one of the major supporters of the Nobel Peace Prize. As part of this, they also hold a Summit in which they bring together people from the public sector [and a few odd balls like me]. It is an amazing event. Really done very well with fantastic sessions that are very interesting AND put on with class. Not over the top extravagant, but with professionalism that aekpss volumes for the company.

I have met some fascinating people there and hope that I will be able to return!

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Hotel Altis. Lisbon

what a timepiece.

frozen from the 70′s… from top to bottom. it is so strange that it is again so cool. i would go back in a heartbeat. rooms are small, cigarette burns in the carpet. windows are operable. simply fun to be there and it is in a pretty good location. the best is the main desk with the world clock on the wall behind which probably stopped working in 1979. but, who cares. it all fits together, including the restaurant at the top floor with the synthesizer wheezing away as you look out over the city. the food was great.

a must experience place.

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Hotel AC Lisbon

Design Hotel sort of in the middle of town. cobblestone street in front makes for a noisey room with the windows open. thank goodness for the tight double glazing. lunch was good. service very friendly. lobby large[ish] with printer. desk too small. the two twin beds shoved up next to each other just don’t make it for a tall person. lights on keycard. bathroom nice, if a bit dark.

EUR 17.00 for 24 hour 100 Mb internet access.

room 213. 2006.12.06

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