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The Faculty Club. UC Berkeley Campus, CA

what a wonderful building. what great potential. great craftsman furniture everywhere. rooms simple. wireless seems to work. room 205 was over the entrance to go to hear the 0200 shift change in a big way. so request a room on the south side. definatly a place to return to.

one drawback, it is a good 20 minute downhill hike to the BART station.

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Mirimar Fairmont Hotel. Santa Monica, CA

santa monica is a gem of a neighborhood. sitting next to Venice Beach and the ocean, it is a great place to stay. The Fairmont was superb. I had to stay the weekend so picked a hotel that also had a pool. The room had a view out over the Santa Monica pier and beach. it had a workig table that i could move to be in front of the window and hard wired internet.

i would return in a hertbeat.

room 935

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my new MacBook Pro

well, i have now on my lap my new 17″ MacBook Pro. what a wonderful machine. it allows me to go betwen both operating systems at will…..and it works! it is such a pleasure to have it. and it makes it much easier to work.

all i need to do is to get this keyboard replaced…..then it will be perfect!

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late night rambles

it is hard for me to reconcile my own carbon footprint. i often woder how i can. i travel around the world to work to inspire groups to change their ways in order to save the planet, and yet i am actively damaging it. should i worry about this as much as i do? there are so many who travel even more than me and do not care at all…. i see them every week i the BA lounges. yet, in a strange way, this inspires me even more to get the message out and to challenge myslef to think of ways that we can continue to make a difference in as many people’s lives as possible. i know that this is my/our opportunity and repsonsilibility. how can i/we be more effetive? how can i/we reach even more people? i know that we can and must!

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