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Creatures of Credit

“Humanity is no longer living off nature’s interest, but drawing down its capital. This growing pressure on ecosystems is causing habitat destruction or degradation and permanent loss of productivity, threatening both biodiversity and human well-being.” World Wildlife Federation

We do it with our budgets. We do it with our planet. What makes us think that we can maintain debt indefinitely? Should we blame the private sector for creating the credit system and then helping to generate our demand and inflating our consumption. We are a consumption culture. Gobble, gobble, gobble. A part of me can’t help but feel that the new wave of consumer content creation is directly related to our consumption levels. We need to create otherwise we would explode with all of the mass we accumulate. Should we blame our governments for allowing our countries to slide into debt? Or should we skip the blame game in general and start taking a serious look at how we are living, what we are doing to overstress the earth and its biodiversity.

Living in a city makes it easy to forget the green. We cannot forget the green. Without it and its ecosystems, there really is nothing worthwhile. Not even credit.

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Holy Sushi Rolls of Change

Jennifer Greitschus from the FII group, and Tristan Simmonds from Arup London’s Advanced Geometry Unit, are in Japan for the launch of the Drivers of Change cards installation Envois at the Tokyo Design Week. Jennifer just emailed us some very fantastic shots of the container and of some Japanese visiting the installation. Notice the seriousness of the expression on their faces, as they lean in to write an urgent message of change, or urgent message of love? You decide…

**Images to come**

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