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Social Design Events

Two more events I wish I could be attending. Conflux is an annual New York festival for “contemporary psychogeography, the investigation of everyday urban life through emerging artistic, technological and social practice.” At Conflux, all types of artists, writers, urban adventurers and the public gather for four days to explore their urban environment. During the festival people converge on the city from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures ” to re-imagine the city as a playground, a space for positive change and an opportunity for civic engagement. ”

And the second, is Dwell on Design & Community, an event dedicated to building community in the modern world. Community seems to be BIG these days. Two days ago I attended a Futures Analyst Network conference and the “c” word came up there as well. What I like most about community is that you cannot own it, the pleasure comes from having access and belonging. Included on the roster of topics, such essentials as, “Learn how to green your home”, and an introduction to outdoor pop-up communities.

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