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Healthcare in Africa

Africa’s health workforce is facing a crisis. Millions within the sub-Saharan region of Africa face suffering and preventable or treatable diseases, because they are unable to obtain proper medical care from trained workers. Africa bears 1/4 of the burden of disease around the world and barely has 3% of all health workers. According to McKinsey consulting the region would require an additional 820,000 doctors and nurses to provide the population with the most basic of health services. This means that the region’s countries would have to increase the size of their health workforce by a staggering 140%

Unfortunately the resources to hire, train and sustain that level of increase is not expected in the foreseeable future, and much worse, even if the funding was to materialize, an additional 600 medical and nursing schools would be required to fill the current gap. McKinsey has estimated that it would take more than two decades to train the number of needed professionals. However McKinsey also takes a look at ways in which Africa could close its healthcare gap.

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International PM and Vegan Day

Today is officially International Project Management Day and World Vegan Day. International Project Management day suggests putting some time aside to recognize the contributions of project managers to organisations, and World Vegan Day tries to raise awareness around the benefits of veganism and its positive relationship to the environment. The WVD website even goes as far as to say that by “2050 the world’s livestock will be consuming as much as 4 billion people do… when many were doubting whether such human numbers could be fed at all.”

When you consider that human population projections for 2050 are approximately 9.3bn, an extra set of 4bn mouthes to feed is a little disconcerting.

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