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Worldchanging celebrates their 5th

The sustainable solutions oriented blog Worldchanging celebrated its’ 5th anniversary yesterday. Responding to the changes currently affecting the American landscape the blog has decided to turn its’ attention to envisioning an environmentally and socially positive plausible future:

” If we are going to convince large numbers of people to embrace the kinds of creative, large-scale change sustainability demands, we need to offer them something more than scattered, loosely connected possibilities. We need to show them a new, brighter future, a plausible, inspiring, achievable — and sustainable — future towards which people can aim their aspirations. We need to invite people to abandon that sinking ship and swim for a future that works.”

This aligns with what the Transition Towns community also promotes in attempting to encourage more positive pro-activism among its constituencies. In an attempt to continue to inspire but also mobilize people Worldchanging is publishing Bright Green. The book intends to show that ‘transformation can be accomplished not in centuries or a number of decades, but in years, quickly enough that the model we create can spread around the world.’

Worldchanging also intends to put out a second edition of our first book, Worldchanging: A User’s Guide to the 21st Century and they plan a conference in North America in 2009. It is great to see that despite the financial gloom some groups are still aspiring to make the world a better place.

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Vanity Fair Green Issue Number 3

Vanity Fair Madonna.jpg

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Another year, another Vanity Fair ‘green’ issue. This time, the cover features rock-amazon-godess-like Madonna as she balances a boulder on her back. Looking strong never looked so sweet. And if you subscribe to Vanity Fair this month, you’ll even receive the ‘Green Guide To Life’. It sounds a little American-centric, but it is amazing to see how fast everyone is turning to green-lighting. A ‘green beat’ blog entry by Vanity Fair correspondent Evgenia Peretz features an editorial on the phenomenon of ‘Eco-Stroking’, and can we please get over ourselves for our minor contributions in trying to save the environment. Touche.

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Visualizing Globalization

I had the chance to meet a scientis/ artist today who has developed a multi-media platform which will allow her to pull visuals, geospatial maps, and stats in real time in order to create a more accurate and visually rich portrayal of how we are affecting the environment globally. The group is called Eikosphere and is led by photojournalist Catherine Cunningham along with her business partner and media entrepreneur Jo Sowicki. Jo was just the principal behind much of the content on Sky tv and has a track record of dabbling in interactive media. Their hope is to move the global sustainable discussion within the political arena to a more active, solution-driven place.Yet another super hybrid.

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