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    Energy Hot Topics in China

    As the energy consumption of China in 2010 reached 3.25 billion tons of standard coal equivalent in which coal consumption accounted for about 70%, China has become the largest energy consuming country around the world.

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    My Week at Arup

    A guest post by work experience Jake!
    During my week at Arup I worked on several projects. On the thursday I used Autodesk for the first time, I quickly adapted and found it very easy to use, so I came up with a little design for myself.

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    Campus of the Future

    What changes will influence how we work in the future?
    What will the future workplace look and feel like? The report covers four thematic areas which we believe will prove instrumental in shaping the future of higher education.

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    4see workshop on economic growth

    On 29th June 2011 as part of the lunchtime series organised by the strategic futures network, FAN Club 2.0, the 4see model was introduced followed by detailed discussion of implications of economic growth for the UK service sector and overall employment.

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    Living Workplace

    The Living Workplace report highlights Foresight opinion on the future of the workplace. It summarises some of the key Drivers of Change and gives examples of workplace environments that are leading the way in innovative design and use of space.

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    self sufficiency bw

    A global land-grab: is food the strongest currency?

    Increasing populations and environmental degradation are placing a huge strain upon global food supplies. Many countries have developed a new strategy to secure their food stocks – leasing or buying agricultural land abroad.

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    Discussion: Oceans – Our World’s Bank, London

    An evening of discussion and a reception to celebrate the London launch of the Drivers of Change: Oceans.

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    DoC Connect

    The Drivers of Change cards are a catalyst for awareness: they explore 300+ issues which are “driving change” in the world. We invite you to use them to think about changes in your society and what actions you might take in response.

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    Oil Fires in Kuwait BW

    Fighting for resources: a new type of conflict?

    Many of the Earth’s natural resources will not last forever. Countries are now willing to go to war to secure their natural resource supplies to ensure their future security. How is resource scarcity influencing the political and social agenda?