What changes will influence how we design the educational campus in the future? How will education be delivered and what will the future campus look like? How will students interact with it and what will the touch points be?

The Campus of the Future report highlights Arup’s Foresight and Innovation group’s opinion on the future of the campus. It summarises some of the key Drivers of Change and gives examples of innovative campus environments, both physical and digital, that are leading the way around the world.

The report covers four thematic areas which we believe will prove instrumental in shaping the future of higher education. We think these will all redefine the notion of the campus in terms of its design, the services it enables and the way in which it operates. The four themes are:

  1. Students of the future: their needs and expectations
  2. Changing the delivery of higher education
  3. Physical facilities and learning environments
  4. Skills needed by future employers

Each of these sections is supported by a number of case studies, Twitter thoughts and scenarios that illustrate the drivers shaping change and what the campus might look like decades into the future.

Campus of the Future provides valuable insights for anyone working in the design or management of educational facilities. We hope that it will challenge architects and designers to think more effectively about the relationship between the online and the physical, and to enable future students to study in a environment that effectively meets their changing needs.

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