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As the energy consumption of China in 2010 reached 3.25 billion tons of standard coal equivalent in which coal consumption accounted for about 70%, China has become the largest energy consuming country around the world. The continuous increase of energy consumption in China has put huge pressure on energy supply in the near future. But from another perspective, under the increasing energy demand and supply pressure, there will be more opportunities for energy business development. Therefore, this piece of research, undertaken by Arup Research & Development in East Asia, is to:
  • Develop an insight into the China energy industry
  • Understand the China energy situation and status, and analyze selected hot energy topics in China
  • Further explore the development trend of China energy sector, especially the impact of China energy 12th “Five Year Plan”
  • Based on the research and analysis on energy hot topics, propose questions from different perspectives to facilitate the discussion of possible solutions
  • Lay the foundation for future energy-related research and development in China, while identifying the research direction and seek for potential academic partners
  • Seek for appropriate business opportunities in China’s energy industry through research collaboration

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中国能源热点研究分析 – Full Report (CN)
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