The oceans cover over 70% of the planet and are critical to life on Earth. The oceans drive almost every natural system on the planet, including carbon absorption, oxygen exchange, nutrient cycling, temperature regulation, hydrological cycles and other crucial systems. Traditional thought has assumed that the oceans are vast, endless, and capable of absorbing waste and change at any scale. While the oceans are expansive, we now know that this perception is incorrect. Humans are changing the oceans, and the rate of change is increasing. The subsequent impact on humanity and the oceans is staggering.

Drivers of Change: Oceans is the result of almost a year of research, interviews, workshops, and outreach to the oceans community. The results of this endeavor were distilled into 25 discrete topics. Drivers of Change: Oceans is an opportunity to look objectively at 25 of the biggest drivers affecting the oceans today, and take action in our own lives.

Arup Global Foresight + Innovation is pleased to be supporting the Mission Blue initiative. Please share Drivers of Change: Oceans with your community and help all of us shape a better world.

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