Blockchain Technology

How the Inventions Behind Bitcoin are Enabling a Network of Trust for the Built Environment. The delivery, operation and service

Future of Project Management

A compilation of best practice, emerging trends, and forward thinking on the future of project management.
(CC) Ninara

Exploring the Future of African Cities

Africa is expected to be the most rapidly urbanising region on the planet between 2020 and 2050.

Future of Retail

Report exploring a range of trends impacting the future of the retail sector.

Shaping Futures

A short film examining the possible directions in which the world is heading.

Technology Timeline 2017

Interactive pdf which showcases 20 emerging and future technologies with a high disruption potential for the AEC industry.

Future of Libraries

Report on trends shaping the future of libraries in terms of the social infrastructure they provide and the services they offer.

Living Workplace

Report on trends shaping the future design, utilisation and operation of commercial offices.

An Introduction to Corporate Foresight

Introduction to corporate foresight, including key principles and methods.

Drivers of Change: mobile app

Explore the most impactful trends shaping the future of our urbanized planet.
Tim Griffith

The Circular Economy in the Built Environment

The circular economy model aims to decouple economic growth from resource consumption.
CC Aurelien Guichard

Future of Transport: UK

A set of fifty informational cards describing trends and issues shaping the future of transport in the UK.
Illustration by Andrea Pozzi © Arup

Cities Alive: Towards a Walking World

Cities Alive: Towards a walking world highlights the significant social, economic, environmental and political benefits of walking.

It’s Alive

Animation, report and illustration exploring how buildings in our cities could look and function in 2050.

Lù Jiā Zuǐ 2025

‘Lujiazui 2025’ aims provide an innovative thinking for Lujiazui’s regional development and future innovation.

Future Air – Knowledge Cards

Future Air knowledge cards summarise current challenges, efforts and solutions around air pollution in China.

Cities Alive

The Cities Alive workshop cards are designed to explore issues that will shape the future of cities.

Future Libraries

Research exploring the future of public, academic and corporate libraries.

Rethinking the Factory

Research exploring the future of factory design, operation and experiences.

Cities Alive: Rethinking the Shades of Night

Research exploring the future of night-time design and lighting in cities.

Future of Urban Water

A publication exploring trends and scenarios for the future of urban water utilities in 2040.
Hunstanton School ©John Maltby

New Brutalist Image 1949-55

Tate Britain
Part of the series BP Spotlights

Future of Highways

A publication examining global megatrends and their likely impact on the future of highways.

What does GDP mean?

A publication introducing diagrams of the UK economy using Arup’s 7see model.

Future of Rail 2050

A publication about the future of transport with a specific focus on rail.
Sydney Opera House © Max Dupain

Building the Sydney Opera House

An exhibition about the achievements of those involved in completing the Sydney Opera House.
The Garden Bridge © Arup / Heatherwick Studios

Cities Alive: Rethinking Green Infrastructure

A research programme and report, which explores the future of green infrastructure in the design and function of cities.

Museums in the Digital Age

A publication exploring how technology will transform the museum experience.

Shaping a Smart Shanghai

A workshop report highlighting the key issues that would help to shape the vision of a “smart” Shanghai.

Future Workplace

Talk on the future of the workplace, highlighting trends in people, technology and spaces.
Arup Explores Arduino

Arup Explores

A workshop series examining materials, trends and technologies that may affect the future of the built environment.

Future of Retail

A report exploring the drivers of change that are shaping the future of the retail sector.

Traces of Peter Rice

An exhibition celebrating the life and work of Peter Rice, one of Ireland’s most pioneering structural engineers.

Future Londoners

A series of imaginary Londoner's created to explore the possibilities of urban life in the future.

Future Tools

Our visions look beyond the now proven benefits of component-based modelling.

Future of Personal Care

A publication about the future of personal care, exploring trends and future user experiences.