We encourage sharing and collaboration. The below publications are the result of projects delivered together with internal and external partners. They showcase our focus on thought-leadership, forward thinking, and innovation. Please contact us, if you would like to receive a hard copy of any of the reports, require additional information, or would like to deliver a similar project with the team.

Future of Transport cards

50 issues shaping the future of transport in Australia and New Zealand.

Singapore Alive

75 urban issues shaping the future of Singapore.


Future of Schools

Rising automation, emerging jobs, and life-long learning are shaping the future of schools.

Perth 2050

Four perspectives establish a vision for Perth in 2050.

Future of Labs

Changing technology, work-life balance and growing competition for expertise will shape labs of the future.

Campus of the Future

Explore the key trends affecting the design, operation and experience of higher education campuses.

Climate Change and Ocean Health

We examine the key issues, consequences and solutions in this set of Drivers of Change cards, specially curated by Tim Jarvis.

Rethinking Urban Mobility

The report tackles three questions that will shape the future of transport in cities.

Blockchain Technology

This report offers industry-specific insight into the potential of blockchain technology

Future of Project Management

Best practice, emerging trends, and forward thinking on the future of project management

Future of Retail

Report exploring a range of trends impacting the future of the retail sector

Technology Timeline 2017

20 emerging technologies with a high disruption potential for the AEC industry

Future of Libraries

Trends shaping the future of libraries in terms of the social infrastructure they provide and the services they offer

Living Workplace

Trends shaping the future design, utilisation and operation of commercial offices

Introduction to Corporate Foresight

Introduction to corporate foresight, including key principles and methods

The Circular Economy in the Built Environment

A new approach to sustainable supply chains and resource flows

Future Transport: UK

A set of fifty informational cards describing trends and issues shaping the future of transport in the UK

Towards a Walking World

Social, economic, environmental and political benefits of walking in cities

Lù Jiā Zuǐ 2025

‘Lujiazui 2025’ aims provide an innovative thinking for Lujiazui’s regional development and future innovation

Future Air – Knowledge Cards

Knowledge cards on current challenges, efforts and solutions around air pollution in China

Cities Alive – 100 issues shaping future cities

Workshop cards on 100 issues shaping the future of cities

Future Libraries

Research exploring the future of public, academic and corporate libraries

Rethinking the Factory

Research exploring the future of factory design, operation and experiences

Rethinking the Shades of Night

Research exploring the future of night-time design and lighting in cities

Future of Highways

Publication exploring the forces that are shaping roads, now and in the future

Future of Rail 2050

Trends and user journeys for the future of rail and mobility in the year 2050

What does GDP mean?

Metrics for the socio-economic and energy aspects of the 7see model
ISBN 9780992950101

Future of Urban Water

Trends and scenarios for the future of urban water utilities in 2040

Future Londoners

Imaginative personas for future Londoners in the year 2023

It’s Alive

Exploration into how buildings in our cities could look and function in 2050