Four perspectives establish a vision for Perth in 2050.

‘Lujiazui 2025’ aims provide an innovative thinking for Lujiazui’s regional development and future innovation.

The Cities Alive workshop cards are designed to explore issues that will shape the future of cities.

A workshop report highlighting the key issues that would help to shape the vision of a “smart” Shanghai.

A workshop series examining materials, trends and technologies that may affect the future of the built environment.

A series of imaginary Londoner’s created to explore the possibilities of urban life in the future.

Why is this important? We are at the cusp of the emergence of a network of objects that empowers computers to perceive the world for themselves and act independently on our behalf. This has the potential to significantly impact the way we optimise the operation of cities, buildings, infrastructure and business.

SlimCity knowledge cards offer practical solutions to many of the problems facing cities.