We encourage sharing and collaboration. The below publications are the result of projects delivered together with internal and external partners. They showcase our focus on thought-leadership, forward thinking, and innovation. Please contact us, if you would like to receive a hard copy of any of the reports, require additional information, or would like to deliver a similar project with the team.

Museums in the Digital Age

Trends and technologies reshaping the museum and visitor experience

Shaping a Smart Shanghai

Report highlighting the key issues that would help to shape the vision of a “smart” Shanghai

Cities Alive

Rethinking the design and function of green infrastructure in cities

Future Tools #1

Digital environments for stakeholder engagement: driving radical change

Future Tools #2

Digital environments for collaborative design inception

Future Tools #3

Digital environments for experiential design: enhancing perception

Foresight Consulting

Consulting services offered by the Arup Foresight team

Energy Hot Topics in China

Research project exploring future challenges and opportunities for China’s energy industries

SlimCity Cards

Knowledge cards on practical solutions to the problems facing many cities