Why is this important? With the increasing trend towards complex digital design, what will be the future skill set of our engineers and how will the design process change as these narratives develop?

Why is this important? We are interested in the implications of this organisational trend on the future shape of our company – if we are in the business of helping people solve novel design problems then how will we engage with clients and project teams in the future?

Why is this important? The trend towards personal metrics and the larger movement towards sensing and measuring the world around us will become increasingly common in the built environment. How will this personalised level of interaction impact our assumptions about the physical world around us?

Why is this important? Collaborative consumption, micro-preneurs and “reputational capital” should be interesting to anyone thinking about how to support city systems that engage citizens. Reputational capital is about power, trust and influence.

Why is this important? There is an increasing trend for people to have access to skills or experience at a global scale – what are the implications for a knowledge based economy that has no geographic bounds?